Neuroscience Program

NEUR 604: Ethics in Scientific Research

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Course Information from the University Catalog

Credits: 1-3

Reflects on purpose of scientific research and reviews foundational principles for evaluating ethical issues. Offers skills for survival in scientific research through training in moral reasoning and teaching of responsible conduct. Discusses ethical issues in research, and teaches how to apply critical thinking skills to design, execution, and analysis of experiments. Issues include using animals and humans in research, ethical standards in computer community, and research fraud. Currently accepted guidelines for behavior in data ownership, manuscript preparation, and conduct of persons in authority may be presented and discussed in terms of relevant ethical issues. May not be repeated for credit.
Registration Restrictions:

Enrollment limited to students with a class of Advanced to Candidacy, Graduate, Non Degree or Senior Plus.

Enrollment is limited to Graduate, Non-Degree, Undergraduate or Washington Consortium level students.

Students in a Non-Degree Undergraduate degree may not enroll.

Schedule Type: Lecture


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